• Go swimming, snorkeling or enjoy a picnic at 1,000 Steps
  • Explore the caves near 1,000 steps
  • Visit the lighthouse at Washington Park

North (Rincon – the island’s oldest town)

  • Sample the iguana soup at Posada Para Mira, washed down with some refreshing homemade lemonade or tamarind juice
  • Join the 1-hour tour every Wednesday afternoon at Echo to see the rehabilitation work ok of the yellow shoulder parrots (injured or formerly in captivity)
  • Spend a night or two in the historic town of Rincon to experience the island’s heritage – stay at Heritage Design Inn / Rose Inn
  • Stop by the Rose Inn Bar & Restaurant for lunch - sample the ‘Vlatap’ dish
  • Enjoy any of Jonny’s Pizza options available every Friday to Sunday at Rose Inn, Rincon – try the chicken BBQ pizza
  • Sample some Caribbean food at Kos Bon So
  • Visit the Mangazina di Rei Cultural Park for a tour of historical Bonaire and their monthly activities
  • Purchase freshly baked bread from the stone oven at Mangazina di Rei every last Saturday of the month
  • Observe and participate in the Rincon Day holiday annual celebrations (30th April)
  • Experience the annual festivities of San Juan / St John (eve of 23rd - 24th June) and San Pedro / St. Peter (eve of 28th – 29th June)
  • Visit the grotto (Gruta di Lourdes) and climb the steps of the 2 vantage points behind the grotto marked with a star and a cross
  • Enjoy local food at Verona’s Bar & Restaurant - try the ‘kabes ku higra’ (liver specialty dish) or the iguana soup
  • Sample the fresh juices (pina colada, tambrind, kiwi and fruit punch) at Paraiso di Muchanan Kontentu
  • Support the disabled persons at the FKPD Bonaire (Fundashon Kuida Pa Personanan Desabilita) – purchase candles, souvenirs, food and craft (Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm)
  • Enjoy a night of karaoke or live music every Saturday at Biys Grill while having one of their tasty burgers
  • Step back in time at the Museo Chichi Tan - the former home of a local icon filled with historical items and photographic memories of the town
  • Enjoy an historical walking tour of the town with Soldachi Tours – starting point is at the Rincon Monumental Stone in the town centre in front of the church. Reservations required - ask for Maria
  • Have an ice cream from the Rincon Ice Cream shop – try the Bonaire Sea Salt flavor
  • Discover and play traditional instruments & immerse yourself in the Bonairian way of live
  • Try the chocolate milkshake and the pastels (pies filled with meat or cheese) at La Ma Se
  • Visit the Cadushy Distillery for a tour and sample the cactus liqueur


  • Take a guided adventure dive at Lac Cai with Div’ Ocean to see the turtles and the marine life
  • Take a tour of the Salt Pans
  • Visit the slave huts
  • Enjoy an Asian / International buffet at Coco Palm Gardens every Thursday (by reservation only)
  • Every Tuesday morning, join the 1-hour yoga class at Coco Palm Gardens (no reservation required)
  • Have an oceanfront dinner at the Bonairian Restaurant – ask for the ‘Chef’s surprise’ of the day. Arrive just before 6pm for magnificent sunset views and witness the near touch-down of the KLM aircraft
  • Go mangrove kayaking and snorkeling with Windows to the Sea in Lac Baai
  • Learn kiteboarding and experience the thrill of the wind with Kiteboarding Bonaire
  • Hang Out at the ‘Hang Out’ – the coolest beach bar in Sorobon
  • Visit the Donkey Sanctuary
  • Enjoy the $10 Wednesday special between 5pm – 7pm at Foodies, or their ‘Surprise for Two’ meal any day
  • Taste the local food at Maiky Snack - a hidden local treasure, open Friday to Sunday
  • Visit the Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab at the Mangrove Kayak Centre


  • Enjoy a BBQ Day trip with Wanna Dive
  • Try the local breakfast or lunch at Ciome’s Catering in Antriol, or sample the local snacks (pastries, pies, johnny cakes, sausage rolls and meatballs) washed down with a homemade local fruit juice
  • Be sure to order the Coco Madness 1-litre cocktail for 2 at Coco Beach and enjoy the beachfront view
  • Grab a meal at Donner Station / Fresh Market – try the Turkish Donner washed down with Mogu Mogu – a fruity drink with coconut chunks
  • Sit and enjoy a delicious breakfast for only US$5 at Coffee Corner, Boka Dushi in the Van Den Tweel supermarket – available everyday
  • Enjoy a Salsa / Bachata class at Hillside Apartments, Kaya Linda 19 with BailAmores (Roy & Marjorie)
  • Taste any of the 30 different types of beer at Joe’s Restaurant and check out their menu
  • Try your luck at the Coral Casino in the Plaza Resort Hotel
  • Enjoy the best Illy coffees and award-winning ice creams with a breathtaking view at Luciano Bonaire
  • Book a 1 hour museum tour for an insight on Caribbean history at Terramar museum
  • Try the Caribbean Dinner Specials at El Encanto Restaurant every Tuesday
  • Take an All-inclusive BBQ sailing sunset tour with Blue Bay Bonaire
  • Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at Spice – beach bar and waterfront restaurant with scenic views
  • Explore the island on a golf cart, scooter or quad bike with Scooters Bonaire / Rentofun or Bonaire Cruisers
  • Soak up the Latin / Caribbean vibe while dining at Eddy’s Gourmandises
  • Enjoy the sounds of steel pan at the Wednesday night Beach BBQ at the Plaza Resort
  • Try the yummy yet healthy specialty soups, salads, coffees, teas and treats at Peanuts Fresh Market


  • Shop / Stroll along Kaya Grande
  • Enjoy a relaxing drink any of the restaurants & bars along the waterfront
  • Swim in the turquoise blue waters at the waterfront
  • Explore the underwater world in an unforgettably unique way with Bon-Sea semi submarine
  • Take the water taxi across to Klein Bonaire for snorkeling and swimming
  • Have some local food (lunch or dinner) at Altagracia Grill Krioyo – try the pork chops


  • Catch a baseball game during the season at La Sonrisa Ball Park
  • Go horse riding at Kunuku Warahama
  • Take a tour with Kurason di Bara di Karta and enjoy the many historical ‘treasures’ of the area