St Thomas' Parish

  • Visit Nelson Spring (at the bottom of Cotton Ground)
  • Observe the ruins at Fort Ashby
  • Visit St Thomas Anglican Church- the oldest Church in the Caribbean, built by slaves
  • Relax on Pinney’s beach
  • Drink a Killer Bee at Sunshine’s Bar
  • Check out the Windy Hill Fort
  • Tour the Museum of Nevis History- Birthplace of Alexander Hamilton
  • Wander through Nevis Artisan Village and Craft House
  • Grab a bite at Turtle Time Beach Bar & Grill
  • Go horseback riding with Nevis Equestrian Centre
  • Explore Nevis with Funky Monkey Tours
  • Lounge on Cades beach at Chrishi’s Beach Bar
  • Enjoy fine Indian Cuisine at Indian Summer restaurant
  • Have a meal at Coconut Grove Restaurant
  • Sip some exotic cocktails on the rooftop lounge at Bananas Bistro

St Paul's Parish

  • Walk around the historical colonial town
  • Bottle your own rum at L&L Rum Shop
  • Visit the Jews Burial Ground & take the Jews’ Walk to the old Mickvah and former site of the synagogue
  • Browse the shops at the Cotton Ginnery Mall- a former place where cotton was ginned
  • Visit the Alexander Hamilton Museum
  • Stop by The Charlestown Gallery & Craft Shop for local art & craft
  • View the Christina Memorial- ship that sank inter-island
  • Explore Hamilton Estate- plantation ruins
  • Take the ferry to St Kitts
  • Sample local cuisine from the Container Food Court

St John's Parish

  • Check out Montpelier Hotel- a former plantation, this sugar estate recaptures the atmosphere of the old plantation days
  • Visit the Horatio Nelson Museum- see artifacts and memorabilia of the life of this British Naval who visited Nevis in the late 18th century
  • Take a dip in the infamous volcanic hot springs in historic Bath Village
  • Watch the ships and yachts at Long Point Port
  • Walk the exterior of the Bath hotel – oldest hotel ruins
  • Visit the Look out at Fort Charles
  • Enjoy the beauty of the Nevis Botanical Gardens, designed as a mini Kew Gardens- a spectacular collection of with a conservatory, a replica Great House, a shop, & café
  • Sample the many pizza options at Mem’s Pizzeria
  • Take in some local sporting action at the Nevis Atlantic Mondo Sports Track
  • Have a meal at the Hermitage Plantation Inn restaurant: enjoy rum punch on the porch of the Great-House, sip tea in the garden surrounded by the island’s mountains
  • Visit St John’s Fig Tree Church – a 1680 stone church displaying a copy of the marriage record of Horatio Nelson and Fanny Nisbet

St George's Parish

  • Learn the island’s history at the Heritage Village at Fothergills Estate- an open-air museum with a collection of recreated traditional buildings
  • Enjoy the view at Nelson’s look out on Saddle Hill
  • Hike to Nevis Peak from Rawlins Village
  • Visit Golden Rock Estate Hotel – a former plantation
  • Hike the trail on the brink of the rainforest
  • Go horse racing at Indian Castle

St James' Parish

  • Visit St James Raceway- Drag racing strip (May, Aug, Sept)
  • Hike to Nevis waterfalls, Butter’s Mount
  • Visit Eden Brown Estate (Jumbie Estate haunted)
  • Explore the plantation ruins at New River Estate and views of Nevis Peak
  • Enjoy drinks at The Gin Trap Bar
  • Hang out at Bombay Bites Beach Bar
  • Relax at Compassionate Touch Spa
  • Dine at Nisbet Plantation restaurant
  • Take in the views and a meal at Mount Nevis Hotel Restaurant
  • See the WindWatt turbines in motion at the Wind Farm
  • Have a meal at Oualie Resort restaurant before unwinding at Oualie Beach