Skyviews' Updates on Hurricanes and recovery efforts


Hurricane Irma was a category 5 hurricane which affected some of the islands where we do business. Hurricane Maria was a category 5 hurricane which impacted Dominica and affected other islands. We have created this page to provide updates for those islands.


13th November, 2017


03.55PM AST: UPDATE- Zemi Beach House is considering a tentative opening date in February, 2018.

03.52PM AST: UPDATE- The Reef by CuisnArt reort is scheduled to reopen in April, 2018. (Read more here)

10th November, 2017


03.54PM AST: UPDATE- Revised ferry schedule between Blowing Point and Marigot Port. (See schedule here)

9th November, 2017


03.16PM AST: UPDATE- Seaborne Airlines is operating 5 days a week as of 5th November, 2017 from Puerto Rico to Anguilla. (Read more here)

6th November, 2017


09.47AM AST: UPDATE- The Anegada Lobster Festival will be on 25th-26th November, 2017. (Read more here)

1st November, 2017


09.35AM AST: UPDATE- New Horizon Ferry Service Ltd resumed a temporary ferry schedule from Tortola to Jost Van Dyke. (Read more here)

09.32AM AST: UPDATE- Foxy's Bar has re-opened.

09.31AM AST: UPDATE- Norman Island is recovering quickly following the passing of the hurricanes. (Read more here)


09.28AM AST: UPDATE- Winair opened a sales office in Philipsburg, St. Maarten. (Read more here)

26th October, 2017


01.14PM AST: UPDATE- Royal Caribbean International will be returning to St. Maarten on December 17, 2017, with the Grandeur of the Sea calls at their port. (Read more here)


01.26PM AST: UPDATE- Butterfly Vacation Luxuy Suite will re-open on November 24, 2017.

01.25PM AST: UPDATE- Spyglass Hill Villa Anguilla will re-open on December 20, 2017.

25th October, 2017


05.01PM AST: UPDATE- The BVI will host the annual BVI Charter Yacht Society Boat Show at Nanny Cay Resort and Marina from 7th- 10th November, 2017. (Read more here)

23rd October, 2017


04.01PM AST: UPDATE- Winair adds more destinations to as it resumes fights following the hurricanes. (Read more here)

20th October, 2017


04.19PM AST: UPDATE- Dominica's World Creole Music Festival is cancelled, 2018 dates are October 26-28, 2017. (Read more here)

19th October, 2017


12.34PM AST: UPDATE- Commercial flights to Dominica have resumed. (Read more here)


12.30PM AST: UPDATE- The Tortola Pier Park is scheduled for a partial reopening on 1st November, 2017. (Read more here)

17th October, 2017


10.55AM AST: UPDATE- Nanny Cay Hotel and Marina is progressing in its recovery efforts, approx. 40% of the rooms are open and the bar is open daily. (Read more here)


09.09AM AST: UPDATE- Updates on flights to Anguilla. (Read update from Carimar here)

16th October, 2017


09.09AM AST: UPDATE- Winair has resumed operations on a limited schedule. (Read more here)

13th October, 2017


10.37AM AST: UPDATE- Blue Water Divers: Experienced damage, working to re-open.

10.36AM AST: UPDATE- Aristocat Charters: Damage reported, rebuilding efforts are in progress

10.34AM AST: UPDATE- Adventure Charters BVI: Minimal damage reported.

10.33AM AST: UPDATE- Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant: Experienced extensive damage.

10.33AM AST: UPDATE- Long Bay Beach Club: Resort is closed.

10.32AM AST: UPDATE- Myett's: Suffered extensive damage.

10.31AM AST: UPDATE- Quito's: The Gazebo will be rebuilt, the hotel stood tall.

10.30AM AST: UPDATE- The Sugarcane Restaurant: Will re-open in 1 year.

10.29AM AST: UPDATE- The Village Cafe & Restaurant: Re-opened.

10.25AM AST: UPDATE- Trellis Bay Market: Open for lunch.


10.16AM AST: UPDATE- Jolly's Pharmacy is open. Pharmaceuticals and Medication can be ordered online. (Read more here)


General Updates

    10.14AM AST: UPDATE- Schools are open.


    10.10AM AST: UPDATE- Pumphouse: Sustained some changes. The Bar still stands, mark your calendars the Pumphouses' legendary Halloween Party is on: OPEN 28th October. Get your costumes ready.

    10.10AM AST: UPDATE- Nico's Restaurant & Bar: Closed.

    10.09AM AST: UPDATE- Johnnos' Beach Bar: Open for lunch.

    10.08AM AST: UPDATE- Flavours Restaurant: Open.

12th October, 2017


04.51PM AST: UPDATE- J. Clayton Lloyd Airport: Daily flights from San Juan's Luis Munoz International Airport by Seabourne, call 1 787 946 8257. TransAnguilla Airways (264) 497 - 8690.

04.49PM AST: UPDATE- Ferry Services: OPEN - Calypso charters, call Ms. Jasmin Rondi, Agent for Calypso Charters at 1-721-554-3188. GB Ferries - Resuming services 21 October, 2017.

04.46PM AST: UPDATE- Blowing Point Ferry Terminal- Is being rebuilt. The Blowing Point Police Station is the new temporary Customs & Immigration point for incoming & outgoing passengers.

10th October, 2017


05.07PM AST: UPDATE- St. Maarten's cruise port is scheduled to reopen on 11th November, 2017. (Read more here)

05.06PM AST: UPDATE- Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten reopened to commercial flights. (Read more here)

5th October, 2017


04.31PM AST: UPDATE- The Puerto Rican based Seaborne Airlines has resumed flights to Anguilla. (See full article here)


04.33PM AST: UPDATE- CDEMA's update on Dominica- airports re-opened and most of the roads are cleared of debris. (Read more here)

3rd October, 2017


01.00PM AST: UPDATE- The Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport in Tortola has reopened for commercial flights. (See full article here)

2nd October, 2017


03.08PM AST: UPDATE- Finland assists relief and recovery efforts in Dominica. (See full article here)

29th September, 2017


04.53PM AST: UPDATE- Ferry services resumed yesterday between the US and British Virgin Islands on Thursday, 28th September, 2017. (See full article here)

28th September, 2017

ANGUILLA Island Updates

04.57PM AST: UPDATE- The Blowing Point Ferry Port has temporarily resumed limited operations from Thursday, 28th September, 2017. (See full press release here)

04.54PM AST: UPDATE- Digicel continues to restore its network in Anguilla and has offered office space to some of their Business Solutions clientele. (See full release here)


04.49PM AST: UPDATE- The Montpelier Plantation is shceduled to reopen on 8th October, 2017.

04.48PM AST: UPDATE- Nisbet Plantation Beach Club will reopen on 4th October, 2017.

04.47PM AST: UPDATE- Four Seasons Resort Nevis will welcome guests on Friday, 29th September, 2017.

04.46PM AST: UPDATE- Hermitage Inn is already welcoming guests.

04.44PM AST: UPDATE- The Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport in St. Kitts and the Vance Amory International Airport in Nevis are open to receive visitors.

27th September, 2017


03.24PM AST: UPDATE- Advisory from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) (See full article here)

03.22PM AST: UPDATE- Press Briefing on 26th September, 2017. (See full article here)

26th September, 2017


12.28PM AST: UPDATE- St Thomas airport is set to reopen for commercial flights on Thursday, 28th September, 2017. (See full article here)

25th September, 2017


01.24PM AST: UPDATE- Kairi FM radio station is back on air in Dominica following Hurricane Maria. (See full article here)

01.09PM AST: UPDATE- Updated schedule for ferry service between Dominica and St. Lucia. (See full article here)

BARBUDA Island Updates

01.19PM AST: UPDATE- Carnival Cruise Line brings hurricane relief to Antigua's sister island Barbuda. (See press release here)

22nd September, 2017


12.27PM AST: UPDATE- The Sugar Mill Hotel and Restaurant in Tortola's Apple Bay is scheduled to reopen in October. The restaurant is expected to reopen on Oct 12 with the hotel reopening on Oct 14. (See full article here)

DOMINICA Island Updates

12.24PM AST: UPDATE- C&W announces partial restoration of mobile network in Dominica. (See full article here)

21st September, 2017

ANGUILLA Island Updates

Ports & Public Services

    03.00PM AST: UPDATE- Power has been restored to the Anguilla Hospital.


    03.06PM AST: UPDATE- Da Vida's is scheduled to re-open in November, 2017.

    03.05PM AST: UPDATE- Best Buy East End is open.

    03.04PM AST: UPDATE- Coconuts Bar at Anguilla Great House is open.

    03.03PM AST: UPDATE- Ashley's in the Valley is open.

    03.02PM AST: UPDATE- Roy's is open.

    03.00PM AST: UPDATE- Tasty's Restaurant is open.

DOMINICA Island Updates

02:44PM AST: UPDATE- Initial assessment of Dominica. (Open map here)

10.36AM AST: UPDATE- The latest official statement from the government is that Dominica is in a state of emergency and a curfew is in place from 4pm to 8am. (See full article here)

20th September, 2017

DOMINICA Island Updates

08.31AM AST: UPDATE- Up to 90% of buildings in Dominica reportedly destroyed. (See full article here)

19th September, 2017

DOMINICA Island Updates

10.00AM AST: UPDATE- Dominica has been severely damaged by Hurricane Maria. (See full article here)

12th September, 2017

We will be changing the format of our updates going forward as we seek to share information on the recovery efforts in Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands.

ANGUILLA Island Updates


    12.19PM AST: UPDATE- Road Bay Port is open.

    12.20PM AST: UPDATE- Blowing Point Ferry Terminal is under assessment.

    12.21PM AST: UPDATE- Clayton Lloyd Airport open for Charters and emergencies.


    5.14PM AST: UPDATE- Trattoria Tramonto requires extensive cleaning. Will update in due course.

    5.13PM AST: UPDATE- Tradition sailing requires extensive cleaning. Will update in due course.

    2.55PM AST: UPDATE- Irma removed Garvey's Sunshine Shack, but Rendezvous Beach is as beautiful as ever. Garvey will be rebuilding and advise reopening in due course.

    2.43PM AST: UPDATE- Malliouhana Hotel & Spa is assessing the full extent of the clean up and will advise on proposed reopening date.

    2.39PM AST: UPDATE- Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa was significantly affected and engineeers are presently assessing the full extent of the damage. Updates to follow.

    2.17PM AST: UPDATE- Ce Blue Villas & Resort held up well and they look forward to welcoming guests for the season.

    9.12AM AST: OPEN- Carimar Beach Club is currently housing officials from the United Nations, the British Government, UNICEF and several insurance companies who have arrived on Anguilla to help assess damage after Hurricane Irma.

11th September, 2017

    9.00AM AST MULTIPLE ISLANDS: No coastal watches or warnings in effect for Hurricane Jose. (See full article here)

    8.58AM AST BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: Message from H.E. Governor Augustus Jaspert. (See full message here)

9th September, 2017

    05.35PM AST ANTIGUA & BARBUDA: Antigua & Barbuda have been spared from Hurricane Jose (See full article here)

8th September, 2017

    05.12PM AST BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: Statement from Sharon Flax-Brutus, Director of Tourism for the British Virgin Islands (pdf)

    04.55PM AST BARBUDA: Press release from the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority (pdf)

    10.35AM AST BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: After visiting Anguilla, The Royal Navy travelled to the BVI to also give assistance there. (Full article here)

    10.29AM AST ANGUILLA: The Royal Navy brought aid to Anguilla. The island's runway was declared safe for relief flights. (Full article here)

    09.53AM AST SAINT MARTIN : French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe reported that 95% of houses had been damaged and 60% were uninhabitable. A state of emergency to be declared today. (Full article here)

    09.51AM AST BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: The Governor of the BVI, Gus Jaspert, declared a state of emergency for the territory. (Full article here)

    7th September, 2017

      04.34PM AST ANGUILLA & BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: UK government has released £32m in emergency aid for the British overseas territories hit by Hurricane Irma and dispatched a military task group to the Caribbean. (Full article here)

      03.27PM AST BARBUDA: Over 90% of the island is damaged making it barely habitable (Full article here)

      9.58AM AST ST. MAARTEN/ST. MARTIN: In the Dutch territory, known as Sint Maarten, the airport is closed. In Saint Martin the ports are closed and France's interior minister said three emergency teams were being sent to the islands, two from France and one from Guadeloupe.

      09.43AM AST ANGUILLA: Anguilla’s Clayton J Lloyd International Airport did not sustain any “serious” damage, although it has not yet reopened. Anguilla’s Blowing Point and Road Bay seaports also remained closed until further notice. (full article here)

      09.43AM AST NEVIS: Nevis Resorts Report (jpg)

    6th September, 2017

      03.30PM AST ANGUILLA: The Communications tower for Radio Anguilla is being examined to restore service as soon as possible.

      12.13PM AST DOMINICA: "The Ministry of Public Works and Ports is pleased to inform the general public that the Douglas-Charles Airport will be reopened from 1:00 pm today September 6, 2017." (full article here)

      12.10PM AST ANTIGUA: Press release (pdf)

      11.38AM AST ST KITTS & NEVIS: Vibes Beach Bar in Frigate Bay would like to advise that business will reopen by 1pm on Thursday, 7th September, 2017

      11.31AM AST DOMINICA: "Schools are closed, the Douglas Charles Airport is closed, but workers are back to work." DOMINICA'S PRIME MINISTER ROOSEVELT SKERRIT (full statement here)

      10.46AM AST ANTIGUA: Our airport will be open for flights into and out of Antigua by 2pm today. ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA'S PRIME MINISTER GASTON BROWNE (full statement here)

      10.31AM AST BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: Irma is approaching the British Virgin Islands.

      10.30AM AST ANGUILLA: The eye wall passed over Anguilla at 7.45am so far, the structures seem to have upheld for the most part but extensive water and wind.

      10.29AM AST ST. BARTHS: St. Barths has experienced some structural damage.

      10.27AM AST BARBUDA: The eye passed over at 2.45am we have no news yet.

      10.27AM AST ANTIGUA: St. John’s appears to have fared well.

      9.29AM AST ST. MAARTEN/ST. MARTIN: Princess Julianna International Airport has suffered some damage. Marigot town and ferry terminal have extensive water damage.

      9.00AM AST DOMINICA: Irma has passed there was some water surge at Douglas Charles Airport. Updates will follow.

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